Why Do We Need To Solve the Obesity Epidemic?

Mind Pump


Why fix the obesity epidemic and it is an epidemic. I know that they named it. Officially an epidemic in the late nineties but obesity been for a couple of decades before that was only really in the nineties. It they said okay. This is an epidemic and it's growing it's been growing ever since so why even solve it. Why even look at this issue and say what are the things we can do to fix this problem. Well there's a there's a some big reasons Number one the health risks associated with obesity alone are tremendous it dramatically increases your risk of all cause mortality. So being means that you're much more likely to die of any reason at all but to be more specific. Your risk of type. Two diabetes goes to the roof heart. Disease goes to the roof. Stroke goes through the roof. Gallbladder disease goes through the roof. Osteoarthritis goes up quite a bit cancer. You know some recent studies atribu consi- literally say that you could just by not being obese. You could reduce the risk of like seventy five percent of cancers okay so just being obese increases your risk of cancer sleep apnea is another one. So is it big problems now. A lot of people might say well. That's personal right. If you're obese. Then it's your your own issue. And i i get part of that. But here's the truth. It literally no joke if you look at obesity and you look at all the things that are connected to obesity. It threatens to bankrupt. Modern

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