A highlight from Henry De Sio on the New Physics of Leadership


His brand new book called change maker playbook that new physics of leadership in a world of explosive change. It's a great book. It's a great concept because it feeds into what i've seen. And what i talk about it when i'm passionate about here upgrading. Creating these decentralized sculptures of leadership you know it still amazes me that the society in a culture kind of pushes this higher change or this higher goal style of leadership thinking that is what is needed in what's effective and it's not. It's amazing that we put so much emphasis on these larger than life characters. When the real change happens in there is pretty horizontal is pretty flat. And we need leaders to kind of be the ones that are cannibal for all of that It's less about. Here's this larger than life. Figure at the top executing orders in creative thinking and thought and in reality it's the creative thought and the thinking and all the action comes from the front lines and so it's the job of the leader to create this environment of empowered execution. It's not the job of the leader to come up with the creative solutions. They certainly can. And they can certainly provide the vision. But it's more about communicating that vision communicating the impossible tone. Everybody that it is possible. Not knowing how it's gonna get done but just communicating knowing that it's gonna get done unleashing the power of the organization of the group of the team so we talk a lot about on this show appreciate. Henry's view in certainly this view of his book. It coincides with everything that i believe in talk about here in dose of leadership. And you're really going to enjoy henry in his thought it's really engaging conversation really diving deep into the power of decentralisation and how to succeed in chaotic situations game. I can't think of anything more chaotic than running a presidential campaign so it was fun to kind of get some inside baseball from henry and see how he applied it in his everyday life. This show is brought to you by my sponsor equity bank. It's been so fun and a privilege to have them as a sponsor on those leadership for well over two years well over fifty episodes. They are team. That knows what it takes to start and grow a business and it's been exciting to watch them grow into one of the fastest growing banks in the mid west. They been listed on the nasdaq exchange for a while. They have locations all across kansas as well as oklahoma missouri. Arkansas with plans to expand even further clearly. This team had equity bank knows how to lead for growth so if he feels like your current bank is more of a follower than a leader. And you wanna work with the bank.

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