Using AI to Map the Bioactive Compounds in Plants

The Bio Report


Jim thanks for joining us. Daniel thanks for having me. We're gonna talk about bright seed. It's a platform notice forger and the potential for it to explore the rich and largely uncovered compounds that exist in the plant world. Let's start with fighter nutrients though what does this term referred to yes. South fighter nutrients are the subset of small molecule compounds. Produced by plants called out phytochemicals. That actually are biologically active and have benefits for human health. Plans are natures of foremost chemistry. There often referred to as that in they produce these compounds for their own growth survival but given the plants have been the you know basically foundation for food system. It's surprising that some of these compounds that have benefit for plants also have found a role in human health and so these fighter nutrients. And that's what we've created forger platform and bright seed to explore and understand how we can take advantage of this For human health. The numbers are kind of a stabbing when you look at them. What's the opportunity. How big a world of compounds are out there. And and how well characterized are they today. Yeah great great question daniel. We estimate that there are upwards of ten million or more distinct compounds small molecule compounds produced by

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