A highlight from Masters Preview, Tigers Truth, & The Bryson Predicament

Fore Play


Would look at boston. We'll tom and look at this stuff that they probably some of it. Such quite quite amusing and stuff like that is what we need to get people. The gamut goal is to be your boys. Congratulations on all that. You're doing mediocre as it is at the laci this year. I'm very much thinking about getting. So i if that other people together thank you brag dump butternut my head off newer younger hitler. Barstool sports tigers had the three factor one fusion we welcome in from barstools sport rigs and trent guys welcome to the show or play barstool sports and also presented By our title sponsor our goto sponsor. Owens mixers. Who i was with a little josh owens mixtures last night. We're getting that puppy all over the place transfusion. It's going to be all over the masters coverage this week. So when you watch when you see that we are doing livestreams which are kinda. Got a double as gambling. Also just. you're going to get our real time. Commentary feedback reactions to what's going on at the masters which is clearly the best week of the year we're gonna be drinking transfusions. We're gonna be drinking.

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