Biden open to compromise on infrastructure, but not inaction


I'm anthony davis president. Joe biden drew a red line on his two point three trillion dollar infrastructure. Plan on wednesday. Saying he's open to compromise on how to pay for the package but in action is unacceptable. The president ten fiery in an afternoon speech saying the united states is failing to build invest and research for the future adding that failure to do so amounts to giving up on leading the world. Compromise is inevitable biden. Said will be open to good ideas in good faith negotiations. But here's what we won't be able to do. We will not be open to doing nothing. Inaction simply is not an option biden. Challenge the idea that low tax rates would do more for growth investing in care workers roads bridges clean water broadband school buildings the power grid electric vehicles and veteran's hospitals the president has taken heat from republican lawmakers and business groups for proposing corporate tax increases should finance and infrastructure

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