A highlight from [Unedited] Bryan Doerries with Krista Tippett


World veterans new study. What does spirituality mean to us. Reveals spirituality informs our understanding of ourselves and each other and inspires us to take action for the common good explore. These findings and more at spirituality study got org. I'm krista tippett up next. Mike unedited conversation with brian. Dory's of theater of war productions. This is a big winding exploration about the drama of his body of work meeting the drama of our world so a heads up in the produced version were able to offer a taste of some of the experiences. Brian and i talk about fine. That of course wherever you got this podcast. Okay terrific. i'm just gonna say before we start well first of all. I'm so glad we're doing this me to. I'm so glad. I've been looking forward to it. I feel i feel about this conversation kind of the way i feel about a lot of things right now like i feel like my my brain is not serving me as well as it normally does so i hope i i. I wanna do this justice. I think it will be will be what it what it's meant to be when our model it's really not about polish. Yeah we can. We can bring a little of our model into you. Yeah okay well. Together fred pro. That's it and that may make mistakes. Yeah if i if. I'm if i fail to connect dots that i know. I know to connect than it will be part of the production. Okay chris so work all right good. Let's just let's just dive in So yeah just i will. I will say that one thing on my mind is Is that we're gonna be. We met you know maybe we may pull some audio from a few front. Three of were in we're gonna be talking about Plays and stories and productions people haven't heard and that's always just really tricky So i'm gonna. I want i'm gonna i'm gonna try to work for that not to be problematic And just know that before we start you know before we you know at the top of the show kind of tell people a lot about what you do and what you've done kind of details like that so we don't have to. We don't have to cover all the ground in the conversation and Yeah i'm just. I just want because you're also producer. I just want you know. That's one of the things. I'm attentive to stand. Ready to three passages of okay. Great yeah well. What i want to say is like i am going to ask you. I think i would like for you to Well let's just do it. And i'll just say all of this in context of the conversation. Okay sure okay. So brian you have described yourself as a self-proclaimed evangelist for ancient stories and they're relevant to our lives today That in in in many different ways in different places and I'm just really curious we start. Let's such an intriguing thing to be an evangelist for. And i wonder like how do you how do you trace the earliest routes have that that passion that faith in your life so the first play. I was ever in as a child was. You're up at my father's community college where he taught psychology and i remember him signing me up to do this thing. I had no idea what it was. And all of a sudden i was backstage belting. The lines of euripides play pretending to die at my own mother's hand with one of my closest friends. Okay i still remember. One of the lines was no no. The sword is falling and that it seems like already even looking back upon it. There was this sort of colonel of. I think that could be better. You know maybe there's a different way to say that it's more direct than that or maybe there's a way to capture the poetry and the reality of that statement but in any in any case i guess i caught the bug then the play touch me really deep level and I'm gonna. I'm gonna ask you as you as you mentioned. Plays justice just because you're so good at this also just to summarize the plot because we all should have read all of these glacier if we have humanities degrees but i'm really quite quite humbled by how how many of the references in your work. I'm i'm you know i'm not. I'm not up on so to say a little. Parapet is very briefly problem so again so much of our work and this work that we're doing is is about making it clear that these stories don't belong to the rarefied few of them. Who studied studied them in university or in some rarefied elite place. They belong to everyone. And and that's because they speak very universal themes euripides. Medea is a play about a foreigner. A woman who's brought to another land by her husband. She gives up everything to do it including murdering her own brother leaving behind her homeland and and then is betrayed by her husband in this terrible way where he quickly leaves her for a younger woman from more powerful family and having been betrayed and being a foreigner and a foreign land. She feels absolutely powerless and so she expresses her rage and her sense of betrayal with the only thing she feels she has any power over which is the bodies of her own two children. I'm she murders and Of course she's a very powerful

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