Amazon is on edge over Alabama union vote

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I'm roger chang and this is your daily charge joining us to run through this. Big labor battle is laura. Atallah our amazon expert. Welcome lor so. Can you give me a quick quick recap of what this vote. There are five thousand. Eight hundred warehouse workers in bessemer alabama voting on whether to or me union. It would be the first. Us amazon union. And it's also one of the largest if not dealer described to vote on forming a union in the us for amazon. And so there's a lot at stake here. It could kind of not like a beachhead free unions if it inspires other warehouse workers in other locations to organize. And what are we expecting the results so the results could happen at any time. The national labor relations board is counting up to balance and they could be this week or next antezana pretty vocal there. Obviously against this. And they've made the argument that they already pay their poise fifteen dollars an hour which is above the national minimum. What exactly are workers asking for. What's really prompting this. Push to unionize down in bessemer right. So the workers invest myr say that they would really like more control over their breaks and rest time and that comes from the fact that are ten hour shifts and they are extremely physical so people who are picking up packages from tote santa putting them on conveyor belts to be put in boxes are walking upwards of ten miles a day in their shifts bending down at santa gap again bet. Certain say there's other jobs where there's a lot of movement all day and amazon does offer breaks course and allows people to go to the bathroom whenever they need to. Workers say that the requirements to fill werner's are so onerous that they don't really get to take extra break on pop up those like hour rest period total of by ryan the the debris down thirty minutes. Relaunch to fifteen minute breaks right

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