Maturing Mindfulness With Dennis Sheppard


I wanted to pick up a little bit from what we were talking about last week mainly because often often most of you you didn't really get the the idea of the talk and because because i love the subject so much They when i when we sort of nine and the name of the talk tonight is maturing. Mindfulness cheering mindfulness. And i think that's quite a wonderful thing to think about. Because mindfulness itself is such an important factor in the iphone path such an important factor in in the way that we that we need to practice in the. Why rene to to understand a cells as we're looking inward wiz. We're self reflecting on our cells looking in and understanding what it is that we see in gradually coming to terms with what we are. What's new what's your yourself today inside which is always It's always very interesting just to watch just as the meditation. Settles down the men. Meditation saddles and settles. And then any of the issues that you might have deeper in your mind issues. Sometimes push us around terribly really but as that meditation gradually sales. We're able to sort of see what what is starting to come up for us starting to see the Just what it is. That's maybe down there. That's that's sometimes push us around. Put us around without us even knowing so this is a wonderful. This meditation is such a wonderful thing to be able to notice that what it is. That is as i mentioned. When i'm sort of talking about teaching meditation. I can remember that agenda. Medo one of my favorite monks Favorite teachers he wants said that mid that meditation is really nothing more than than a skillful mental breakdown. And i think that's such

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