Sports and Georgia: MLB, the Masters, and Beyond

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Tea masters. Golf tournament starts today. Augusta georgia it is one of sport's most premiere events and enormous platform but the energy all leading into it has changed pretty dramatically. Because of what's happened with baseball and georgia in recent days and be move the all star game out of georgia because of the new legislation. The state passed. that makes it harder to vote. So i i just need you to tell me about this georgia law. What does it do. What law really. Sp two oh two would it really is all about is the ways to keep the traditional high numbers of african american voters doubt howard. Bryant is a senior writer for espn and the author of the henry. Hank aaron biography the last hero when you look at what this potentially allows the georgia legislature to do that. It takes over from the secretary of state and election. It allows individual members of the board to be dropped if they're unpopular the governor's or the secretary of state's behest if you can do those things but you can essentially overturning election which is essentially what this whole thing was about back in november and so these details of that. Bill aren't getting anywhere near the attention. They deserve if these laws were in place last november then. The road had been paved to give president trump specifically what he wanted. Which was the avenue to overturn in election based on friday had not been proven. That's what this whole thing is really about

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