Empowering your Marketing with Hayley & Katy from OH MY DIGITAL


Tonight on the podcast. Ivan chalian katie digital to share all things marketing and business. Janney all along the way and so as a partnership as well. So i'm really to welcome to the podcast. Thank you so excited to be here. Sorry graceland heavy heat today and option having used. They love what you did. Collective event recently had such positive feedback about you shared. And i just love that you'd be women are all about sharing so much value can give gave it so incredible to say and so generous in your time as well so get lousy juries to share of your johnny high on my digital began and the and did not get us names just to get people in if you have an idea of how you'll saw it absolutely sorry it's all started probably a bit. Maybe four years ago now sahelian actually give us a few might have had distorted before we love to share it but I simply highly was actually managing a digital marketing studio and actually ten minutes in intern on in the really early days. And then we say decay like working fulltime and his team and I'm this was frowned at twenty jane. Twenty sixteen when i came into the future and Really at that time like digital marketing had realistically it had been around for a while but it was still relatively new to a lot of businesses and people still jinro standard and it was still very much kind of wild west parties. Where like you could sell anyone anything. The letter people just really did not understand. It knew it was something that they should you be doing. Select marketing manages. That would be like. Oh my god nature be doing all this digital marketing stuff. That have the skills so that would just like hunting Agency came along and said hey we can all the stuff that would jump at that and We just noticed there was a bit of a debt. Between i guess what people were being sold to people were being convinced that they need and then what they actually

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