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Welcome to the new media show. We're back show again. He actually going to listen to this junk. Do it live. Right can get enough being built. Do it live. Just george along the media. Show kevin curry. And you're more like jonathan. I think i hurry year old from do ally initial again so special could sell special. Yes we do. Everybody welcomed new media. Show hope you enjoyed that little fun. Intro course you're back with the todd rob show how you doing. I'm doing great. Thank you lee lee report. Li la put. Yeah i said it right so much for senate through and i think we have a few more to play today to. Yeah could they could. They could end up being dangerous. Some of these some of these could be danger civil we'll we'll play them as they become optional if we get through content make sense to To do so anyway. You know. I'm going to be honest with you rob. I said the last show. I love having my saturdays back. We'll hopefully our our long-term listeners are happy to have their saturday's back to so you know it's been It's been quite remarkable. The monastery stuff by being able to get done. But you know. I i I didn't do a My personal show on monday. I was just so crushed us here in the office until like nine o'clock and In the podcasting space. Not busy busy at all. No not at all but lots of interesting. I know you got lots of going on. We'll talk about that here. In a second of course but i i'm having a media buyer calls again and they just don't understand that twelve dollar. Cpm's not going to get it and and and they don't understand that remnant. There's no such thing as remnant inventory podcasting right you know and also i run run two episodes a month and nope we don't have a we don't have a can't meet. Your minimum budget requires but you still want us to put it propulsive together. I i'll say it again. it's the media buyers that are spending small amounts of money and being very picky on format and placement. And they're they're more trouble than they're worth the us does. It is too bad so you know. Twelve twelve net is but she wanted. And i'm like no it does it. It puts you in a position where you kind of have to say no. We're we're we're absolutely put your foot down right because the more people that Just accept things like that the it it values the medium and i understand. You're under pressure by your advertiser. I'm sorry that's that's not my problem. And if i got a podcasters and say am twelve dollars pm. Deal for you. Oh and that's before the split right. The answer's going to be no well in ila side of this too. I don't think we've mentioned as to some degree i think. Subscriptions is going to compete with advertising to some degree for the attention of the podcast. Her now they start offering not even gonna aspire for advertising models endlich and then it was and then they threw an additional. The crux out there That if the podcast is smaller than thirty five thousand episodes for download. We're gonna do revenue share. We're getting him. Twenty percent of revenue earned on sale. Oh on the direct response stuff right. And i'm just like when is anyone going to get the the the memo that most podcasters are not doing rev share a rev rev based. Or you know doing that type of deal. It's basically a commission junction style at deal. And there's no risk to the advertiser whatsoever right you know and there's no guarantee of payment. I mean that's that's the core problem with affiliate campaigns in podcasting or direct response campaigns. Is that. You're giving away all the all the branding side and what you're doing without advertiser in hopes of getting a conversion that you get paid on of you know don't get me if the cps high enough it's worth it it can be right. Yeah but but it can also be if it's not then you're giving away a lot of value to that to that brand and you're not getting anything for in i. I run into this problem with my radio show to the in. The media buyer wanted no. Dia either they wanted hosts read it would remain forever on top of on top of it and i'm like you give me thirty dollars. See pm and we find shows that don't have long tail then we'll run your ads. They'll stay in there forever for shows don't have long hair

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