A highlight from #232: Celebrating Small Wins


I everybody welcome to you can bet on that. Podcast for the recreational gambler name is marked of all sitting across from me. Is dr mike. Hello mike i want to thank you for treating my dad and me to the padres baseball game last year. It was a good game. Good game you had great tickets. Oh my gosh. We were literally the front row. Yeah right thereby third base kind of by the third base umpire. I think we were on. Tv about eight or nine times counted like kids went through and screen shot right on tv. It's right in various states of putting something in our mouth. Most of the time eating a good game padres look fine. Pittsburgh would pretty bad actually gone so yeah. It was pretty bad but yeah enjoyable game boy. My dad sure appreciate it. He hasn't been to a game for long time and he's a huge baseball fan. He's a padre fan going back back when they were a minor league team lane filled. Minor league triple a. baseball. Yeah so it was perfect. I mean the padres win. The weather was great. Yeah we thought we might be cold and we were not. We were not we were. I was never even used a jack no so it was like a day game but at night. Yeah just everything was perfect. We didn't have any. We even got waited on. Yeah they have when you're sitting close like that somebody comes by and brings your food to you and it's really nice if somebody could go to the bathroom for me would be the perfect game. I'll tell you if i could have that in life know. Forget about the baseball game. Just have somebody go to the bathroom for me. Think of all the hours that would say we'd say at the casino in extra hour. Every an extra hour would never have to go to the bathroom. Can you go for me. Sure is part of your call. I just hate to tip. I just hate the tip for going to the bathroom. Seo ep we didn't have to tip well you know you need to tip because that way you're sure it comes out that's right you wanted. You ought to come out outcome so you understand why the whole systems in place is well again. Thank you and that's why we are a day late here for the podcast because we actually went to the game when we normally record so. That's why related again. Thank you mike. I'm laughing because he would just have the dog. But go to the bathroom for you. The dog dog your sister s message to me dog. She really got a kick out of the dog bite. Yeah so the they sitting there beep. I look dog dog. Supposedly helps you at the casino right. Nobody can figure out why the dog bite also supposedly can go to the bathroom for you right. Nobody's exactly sure how that works and nobody. You know male or female dog but it doesn't matter it doesn't matter it's the dog but and they're selling like hotcakes. Someday they're actually going to have a dog and we're getting nothing for nothing. It's the idea of a robotic dog. I think they do already have okay whether they help you at the casino and go to the bathroom for you. I'm not so sure but think about this. Think about just for second on a serious note okay. You seen robots of all different shapes and sizes and usually they're in a human form like right for the most part of case. Sure i guess. I'm in the when you're talking about a robot lot not like industry robots build things no when we think of like a star wars robot. You're thinking of something that looks like that one.

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