A Diagnostics Company Moves to Developing Precision Cancer Therapies

The Bio Report


Osama. Thanks for joining us. Thank you for having me danny. We're going to talk about four bio therapeutics. Its strategic shift from diagnostics to therapy dixon. Our seeking to build a pipeline of targeted therapies. Perhaps we can start with a little history though. Four was known as novellus deacs until this year. What was the name. Change meant to signal once again. Thanks for having me so let me let me maybe go back a little bit in time to come back to the present As you mentioned. Four prior to a few months ago was novellas novellas diagnostics company based out of jerusalem israel companies. About nine years old. It did start out as a diagnostic company The foundational product here was a functional genomics platform that helped physicians providers and pharma companies. Identify the right drugs for the right patients by looking at very specific molecular profiling by patient Over the years as the company was evolving in that diagnostic business model I think a combination of prior management and the board realized that there was a there was quite a bit of opportunity to think about diagnostics internally and develop diagnostics on their own because we were identifying unaddressed. Patient populations and matching them to therapies That were either being developed or already in the marketplace and so at believe early two thousand nineteen the board and the management team decided to pivot from a diagnostic business vital to therapeutics business model and leveraging the platform started to identify across a number of validated cancer targets unaddressed. Patient populations where there's a high unmet need and where the company could really help bring beneficial therapies to market under this scope in early twenty twenty the company in licenses its product from lexicon. It's a next generation. Be rafted addresses class one and class two mutations And within that again using the platform we have begged clearview into creative trial designs. That target high unmet need populations. These are commercially viable populations

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