Apple Releases iOS 14.5.1 With Fixes for App Bugs and Security Issues

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Ars technica says apple on monday released. Ios fourteen dot five dot one. According to the report the update has meant to patch two zero days. That allowed attackers to execute malicious code on fully up-to-date devices. Monday's release a version. Fourteen dot five dot one also fixes problems with a bug in the newly released app tracking transparency feature rolled out in the previous version. Both are though the att fix as scary of the to on that front. Apple's release note. Say this update fixes issue with app tracking transparency where some users who previously disabled allow apps to request to track in settings may not receive prompts from maps after rename bling. It as for the zero days therein web kit which means they're in just about everything apple makes that's why we also got moco. West big sur. Eleven dot three dot one on monday. The piece from apple insider reported on that it also had apple indicating that the two vulnerabilities may have been exploited in the wild.

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