Cheney Says Republicans 'at a Turning Point'


Today mitch. Mcconnell said that every single republican the united states senate is opposed. To every single thing on joe biden's legislative agenda so senator joe mansions attempt to find a bipartisan consensus on. Anything might not take much longer. Because mitch mcconnell said today that that is impossible. Mitch mcconnell is trying to do to. Joe biden exactly what he tried to to barack obama and that is blocked every single thing. The democratic president wants. The republican party is no longer a governing party. It is simply an opposition party. Republicans in the senate have no position other than opposition. To whatever is the biden position. Republicans in the house are not even an opposition party anymore. They are chaos party. They don't pretend to have any position on any issues. They spend no time talking about what they think is wrong with. Joe biden's plans. They just fight among themselves at the center of that fight is congresswoman liz cheney who is not backing down from what has become her public fight now with the leader in name. Only republicans in the house kevin mccarthy and an op ed in the washington post published online. This afternoon liz. Cheney said quote the republican party is at a turning point and republicans must decide whether we are going to choose truth and fidelity to the constitution. The republican party had its turning point. In 2016 trump got the republican presidential nomination every decent republican publicly opposed donald trump's nomination and his candidacy for president against hillary clinton

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