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This scientific americans sixty seconds science. I'm karen hopkin. The melodious sounds of trills in tweets. Whistles warbles are a harbinger of spring. But do you ever wonder what birds are actually talking about. Maybe they're catching up after a winter away. Or maybe they're saying step off. Twig is my territory. Or maybe there signaling that there's a about even when there isn't well if a bird crying wolf sound silly. A new study shows that in australia. Certain male songbirds use this trick to get females. They wished to woo to stick around a little longer. Their results appear in the journal. Current biology the superb lyre bird that spelled l. y. r. e. is famous for its ability to imitate the calls at. Here's and its local environment from the fluid melody of freight throat to the distinctive. Laugh of kookaburra the males. We've these oral entertainments into songs. They sing to attract mates what leibovitz most nine four cold. Aristotle sunday amazing lyric clue loud They sing from the tops of the trees. Before throughout the day into dusk during the breeding season and this recital sewn also must use mimicry and the just reels through imitations of lots species and forest beds in the cycle through them. Eight imitation is different from the rest. Anastacia deal a post doctoral fellow at the university of wall and gov she and her colleagues were planning on studying. This impressive acoustical exhibition probably soon realized that every now and then library was producing a completely. Different kind of mimicry. This alternate routine is trotted. Out at the very end of the males elaborate song and dance display. It's sort of buzzy and even someone annoying and it's perfectly reproduces. The alarm calls made by mobbing flock of birds that has spotted predator skill. Vigilant speak their acoustically conspicuous and reliable cue of the presence of a prototype environment even for humans. I assumed mobbing to try to avoid stepping on snakes while. I'm doing fieldwork. In australia's and a single male liar bird can reproduce the hunt shebang. It's really impressive. Even manage to imitate the sounds of small birds to wingbeats fi earlier at the very very convincing. And what do they hope to achieve with this performance. The clue deal says came from determining when they choose to do it. So we found that males didn't produce this modern for mimicry when a real predatory throughout not at all they already context in which they produced it from. Moving creek was during courtship and particularly keen marmots. The first is when the mail has sung. His little heart outs entertaining a female with his elaborate and lyrical ballad but his potential paramour turns up her nose. And it's the moment she steps off. His display platform is when the male switches to. He's mobbing mckay sound. That suggests there's a predator dear by when really there isn't so we think this might be a way of the mouth saying baby. It's dangerous upside. Stay safe with me. And then giving north charity to display his beautiful song. Dots prowess the only other time deal and her colleagues witnessed males pulling. This stunned was when they were in the midst of mating. So the whole thing was actually bizarre. Strange it's true but the researchers speculate that amorous males might give their partners the impression that they're surrounded by peril in order to prevent the females from prematurely endings to sexual interaction prematurely at from the point of view the now because of the mail doesn't deliver what he's promised. The female might decide to take an early flight. Left for scientific. Americans sixty seconds science. I'm karen

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