A highlight from Episode 184: Managing Passwords, Obsolete Hardware & Trash Talk


Tap canada and find us on facebook just search for double tap canada. Now here's your favourite double tappers lolo. Welcome to double tab hanadova. Kobe well today. Thank you so much for tuning in Yes it is. Is stephen scope by with you once again. I've got mark off. I la la la la la la land with us today to them more subdued this week. Mark betty subdued the horizontal. I think is the right word. Shumpert research is there somewhere. What are you talking to you believable. Everyone not just before we start recording. I was told to shut up. We're getting on with it. Not that's how. I mean trade into talking about recording us live happening right now. There's no there's no recording. Don't try shy away in deflect from the shut we're doing it shown to shop shoulder doing ear tags yet tests. I don't know. I'm still like yeah. And the thing is what do you know. What's annoying haven't lost anything yet. That's really a tasting loose. Something your dog maybe allowed. Why apple website says do don't put it on your. Don't don't don't say this on the website somewhere. Maybe i find it No it's on the web. Someone had asked on a forum. Should you put your bag on a dog and he said to undo it. You said if someone said it. S been said leslie. Well done stephen. Thank you know. Apple do sale and their support for him. That is not recommended for use as a dog. Tracker shuman is because of the removable parts because the tax happy banned by a retailer in australia. Read today because of choking hazard. Australia has a strict choking hazard rule when it comes to those watch batteries. Come look if you stupid enough to put that in your mouth and swallow than say everything's even got to try and protect turkey is it tastes label. What does it tag taste. Don't bite it chicken. Of course not. Everything tastes like chicken. Speaking of which. I've got question for you guys. When is it okay to eat from been. What do you mean a been a trash can trash can. And we're just beginning. Speaking british. got us today. a quicker stephen. I think the the answer is never wrong. You say that right. Say that but okay. Let's imagine the situation here. You've got pringles in canada right. Yes we have pringles okay. So let's let's imagine. The snotty was friday night sitting down to watch some tv maybe catch a net flicks and remembered the chucked. Your pringles in the trash can so you say to yourself. Okay what i do. Hit a by more pringles because them in the trash can right there amongst the rubbish and the debris the The other stuff. This page the garbage detritus. Big what detritus alike. Look if you to believe me. So natural. What is not grenade. Just move on from that one. But i'm sitting there thinking. Do i go in and get the pringles ioka's they'll be okay. There inside little wrinkle can right surely okay. You can just go get them. I mean i would say as long as there's nothing else in that in that garbage that or in the been proud is making that pringle can Not terribly attractive to grab then. I think you're probably okay to cover it in. Yes food rubbish. And other things that i would suggest not doing that if you ever done. Nicholas have you ever done this asking mark new show. You've done a show because we talked to grabbed from been was a toothbrush but that was fine. Oh come on. I made that outcome on. Says pringles story. Sure that this wasn't hypothetical trust me. I'm not pretending for a second. That was a in any way. Steven actually keeps his pringles in the been taught wife and dog. Don't get the ring. The ring container right. So they're certainly on lost to talk about in the show this week We're gonna be talking about passwords. I get something new this week. I want to share with you guys and it doesn't evolve a password at all. We're going to get a whole segment that well. You know what they've done. They've changed right so we got confirmation from andy he doesn't we got an email That didn't go well. But yeah he's

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