Woman's Killing In Puerto Rico Spurs Calls For Government To Act


In Puerto Rico Women are taking to the streets. Their demand stop killing us. The island is in shock over the murder last week of a pregnant woman whom the FBI says was killed by her lover when a Puerto Rico's star athletes Case has reignited longstanding demands that the government address a crisis of violence against women. NPR's Adrian Florido reports with San Juan and just a warning. Some details in this story are disturbing. The case drew wall to wall media attention from the moment 27 year old case let Rodriguez went missing last week after her family said she was a month pregnant with the child of Philip's better. They hold a star boxer who competed for Puerto Rico at the London Olympics. But he gets his mother told local TV that the box or had wanted her daughter to a board, but her daughter was thrilled with the pregnancy. Well, baby, he can't win on almost every Rodriguez. His body was found in the lagoon on Saturday, and the next day the FBI arrested fairly expected a whole the details of its accusation against him or so troubling. We won't describe them here. The case has reignited the fury, frustration and sorrow felt by women across the island who've spent years demanding their government do more to protect them. Puerto Rico has one of the world's highest per capita rates of women killed by their partners. Over the weekend women marched with the Lakers remedy is his body was found and outside the governor's

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