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Technically, it's letters turn. But Florida has played every single game birds yet this year, so Pete the board not to this had earlier today is what He's gonna do, but We will. We'll see. I mean, if it's I would say overall in the game tonight and If and when these two teams meet in the postseason. It's going to be the goaltending position because while I think that Colorado is definitely better and has A superstar of front on the blue line altogether. I think they have more skilled forwards than Vegas. It's going to be goaltending because you have to business candidates and just gonna come down to who can be one save better. That's what it was. Vegas when They entered the playoffs. That versus L. A flurry was one save better than Jonathan. Quick was spectacular. That was the best goaltending performance. I've ever seen in the NHL, and then it was bright and hoping for the Washington Capitals, who was once a better make one stop. On a breakaway in the Stanley Cup final, and that's what Capitals beat the Vegas Golden Knights. So I think Philipp Grubauer, Can you be one save better than The night Is that letter or Fleury? I think it's gonna be flooring the playoffs, but that's going to be the key for me and Grubauer has it in him, and I think he could be the ticket to the promised land for the Colorado Avalanche. Certainly has been so far. You could hear Connor on the call. Puck drop is just after eight

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