My Name is Mud


We're talking about mud. This ubiquitous combination of water and dirt is useful for science employed in health and beauty a little known component of professional sports. And it's even eaten to see someone's name is mud is to mean that they are lowly. We're that they are in trouble of their own. Making usually through some form of idiocy. There's an old story that the expression derives from doctor. Samuel mudd with two ds. Who unwisely took pity on. John wilkes booth president. Abraham lincoln's assassin mutt treated booths. Broken ankle that he suffered when leaping to the stage of ford's theatre for the doctors troubles. He was sentenced to life in a federal prison. Like many interesting historical stories. This one is not true. The phrase first appeared in print in eighteen twenty forty five years. Before lincoln's assassination in another obscure english slang mud was an eighteenth century equivalent of dope dolt or idiot and was used through the nineteenth century by union workers equivalent to scab or a strike breaker. Let's start with gio fiji. The scientific term for eating dirt or mud or earth on the island nation of haiti cookies. Made of mud are eaten and while they are tradition. They're not really eaten by choice. The mud helps to fill up the stomachs of the poorest country in the western hemisphere especially for the people in areas like the slum of city so lay yellow dirt from the central plateau of the island is mixed with salt and vegetable shortening spread into disks and allowed dry in the sun. The mud has long been prized by pregnant. Women who believe it to be an antacid an important source of calcium though there is no science to back that up even before the devastating twenty ten earthquake many haitians lived in what is called food insecurity a phrase that really under sells the condition

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