Brace for a seesaw Seattle weather week, and don’t give up on spring yet


4 30 am for construction work. I'm J. Phillips Co Moh 24 7, trapping Shannon O'Donnell with your co Moh forecast Everybody. It has been a beauty of a Tuesday. I think we needed that dry break out there to get back outdoors. Hopefully you did something outside and soaked up a little bit of that vitamin D Because here come the clouds again. They're filling in right now and buy it Wednesday morning. Most of us will see the rain, returning pretty quickly to Puget Sound and really do all the western Washington. Aside from the Cascades were over 3000 ft. It will be heavy snowfall instead of that steady rain. In fact, past travel going to be pretty implemented times throughout our Wednesday afternoon by Thursday, often on scattered showers and send

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