Israel holds 4th parliamentary election in 2 years


Has claimed a huge win for the right in Israel's fourth election in two years. The exit polls suggest he may fail. Secure majority in parliament. His campaign focused on Israel's world leading covert 19 vaccination program and his diplomatic success in normalizing ties with some Arab countries. But his opponents from across the political spectrum argue he should not remain in office while standing on corruption charges he have caused denies any wrong doing. Let's speak to Richard Peter. Off the person Israel Communications and Research Center in Jerusalem. Who's monitoring results as they come in Richard. He's claiming of victory. But it's a victory of sorts, isn't it? Because he will have to strike a deal with many people are raising concerns about far right groups. Tol have a majority. Good morning. Thank you very much indeed for having me Well, first of all, let's be clear that at the moment all these projections are based on the exit polls on so we don't have the actual results yet a tool on DSA The exit polls are suggesting a very slim victory to the pro Netanyahu camp. But I think we're going to need to wait even for a few more days for the picture to become clearer. Okay, So let's talk about what might happen then. Should he just get over the line but need he needs 60 seats for a majority looks that you might be around. 53 seats at the moment. They're all concerns that he's going to have to go it get into bed with ultra Orthodox parties Showers party, for example who have anti gay views and two women and two women views. They want to expel disloyal Arabs from the state. What are people saying about the kind of coalitions he may have toe Ford? So, yes, you're absolutely right with the person with the caveat that we don't have the results. The chances are that the parties that exception Netanyahu are the ultra religious after Orthodox on by the end of one particularly hard, hard right party that has some quite unpalatable views on those on those issues, thistles the nature of the politics that Netanyahu will try and kind of move. Move the government to a more centrist position on gay try and limit the influence off the moral order off the more extreme elements within his, but it within his faction, But it's no no doubt that he is reliant on those parties to form a government. Has his success in the vaccination program is is that why he has seemingly as you say, appreciates any exit polls, But he has done quite well. You know, Israel has led the world in managing to Vaccinated population. I think you were right in your opening comments that it's a combination off bringing the vaccine. I mean, he has devoted a large part of his campaign, emphasizing the fact that he personally did it. The CEO of Fiza gave an interview on Israeli TV a couple of weeks ago when he described in Tanya, whose insistence being obsessive over over it, which usually obsessive. This has Majority of overturned But in this sense, he was so so committed to bringing it that it has produced a dividends, and some people appreciate that on the full peace treaties that he's brought in the last year, the normalization agreements with the U. S A on bath rain, as well as Sudan in Morocco are significant diplomatic achievements, which Netanyahu's supporters definitely recognize and appreciate.

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