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Eileen welcome to the show as a way of getting status tolls about yourself. Thank you hello. Brian great to meet you. Thanks for having me on this show. So i am the founder and ceo packed with purpose. We are a corporate gifting company with a social mission so we provide an alternative to the traditional corporate but all of the products in our gift boxes do good so they create a social impact in how to come up with this idea. Yes so my background has been wonderful. Dance between social impact in business and marketing. So a few stops along the way. I was a peace corps volunteer years ago in paraguay then also worked in social impact advisory work so right. Before i started packed with purpose i was actually consulting to chief sustainability officers in marketing executives. Trying to help them figure out how to invest their corporate social responsibility dollars to both have a business return but also a societal impact so it was a typical cold day in chicago in december and our office was riddled with ubiquitous holiday. Gift and i was just looking around saying there's gotta be a better corporate gift. There's gotta be way for a vendor or a client to say thank you. And that's when. I had the initial idea behind putting together gifts where all products had a really unique story and actually contributed to the greater good in their community. Cool and so. How do you start. Where do you start. Well i i always say you just have to start somewhere and it's definitely not perfect but you have to start and if you start talking out loud and getting people's feedback you can hopefully start taking it down the path of what eventually your target market is going to be interested in so I actually founded the company in two thousand and sixteen. And the way i got it. Initially off the ground was put together a really low fidelity prototype so i- crowd. Sourced logo came up with a name but together that was passable and i had a first birthday party for my daughter and is a parting gift to all of my friends in the adults there i gave them a pack perfect gift and i told them that i'd be following up with them for a five to ten minute market research call to basically elicit their responses into get their thoughts so that was the first version of packed with purpose as we know it. Obviously it's evolved a lot. Since then where do you find the people generating the gifts. Yeah so we affectionately. Call our suppliers purposeful purveyors and our purveyors primarily are based all over the states so their social enterprises or purpose driven companies in l. a. Detroit chicago miami. I can give you a few examples because it really helped bring it to life so that people can and how are gifts created an impact so we were with the wonderful social enterprise. Right outside of washington. Dc that works with women who might have previously been homeless. They might have various various to To employment they could also have been survivors of abuse in their part of this incredible social enterprise at basically teaches than baking and cooking skills through the production of various products that they make like granola cookies which we then source for gifts. And it's a way for them to get their safe certification so that they can find gainful employment actually land on their feet half financial stability when they graduate from the program so we're the recipients of their products that we carried in our gifts or another example. There's a wonderful organization that provides employment to adults with disabilities and they make a whole range of cookies than toffees chocolate covered pretzels. And it's through both the housing program and a personal professional development program to these adults with disabilities and we source those products in our in obviously in are providing them with all of those amazing opportunities through that organization. How do you find your clients. Yeah so you know. One dominated do the work that i've been doing. I was exposed to a lot of social enterprises through my particular job and it's really a tight ecosystem so we started working with some organizations. Let's say in detroit. They would ask us. We'll have you heard of these other ones or when we worked with an organization that may be served a particular population whether it was youth or women or individuals that were previously homeless. You know there's a tight ecosystem where they wanna help each other. So i would say if i. It was a lot of referrals Also then his evolved towards a lot of the research that we do in that were looking for you know certain types of organizations where they have to have truly a high level of impact. They have to have high quality products. Whether it's something that you're consuming or it's highly functional like a journal or tumbler. it's gotta look good

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