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Podcast to seventy three. We were with anthony. Herbert tony herbert. Also known ass and we started off his journey from a kid growing up in pennsylvania surf. You haven't listened to podcasts. To seventy three goal of that right now. He tried to join the marines at fourteen. Fourteen years old credit eventually joined the army at seventeen off. The korean war went from private to master sergeant. All kinds of heroic actions suffered all kinds of wounds shot hit with frag white phosphorus burns and also bayoneted multiple times including one bayonet stabbed that broke off in his chest. He in the korean war served as a platoon leader even though he was just a young enlisted guy and eventually at the end of that podcast and at the end of that part of his life. Us pulled off the battlefield. One of the most decorated soldiers of the war sent on a morale at it was basically morale tour and i were flown back to the to the white house. President truman and then basically went to london and antwerp in brussels and the hague and all the other european allies that were fighting alongside america in the korean war along the way he met. Mrs eleanor roosevelt. She encouraged him to go to college. He kind of agreed of the quotes. He says in the book is he. He agreed because he was already master sergeant in the army and he said what am i going to do. Sit around the enlisted man's club telling stories about korea so he was sort of not not over it but he realized that he'd kinda done what he was going to do. So he ends up getting assigned as an rotc instructor at a high school in denver because he liked to ski goes to the third ranger class. That ever happened. He was in. He ends up getting married to his hometown. Sweetheart mary grace starts going to college or he then he gets out of the army then starts going to college at the university of pittsburgh while he's there he writes a book called conquest. No war nowhere. Which was his first book about the korean war which he later rewrote which we covered. What when it was rewritten was called the making of a soldier. That was podcast to seventy three for the most part worked at a steel mill at night while he was going to college and then eventually commissioned as an officer in the pennsylvania national guard. Shout out to the To two eight iron soldiers all right so so then he goes to the. He's back kind of in the army and he gets them warnings at the army's different now you know the war is over. The good people got out. We just left with people. That shouldn't even be in the army that got those kind of warnings but he stayed in. He loves being a soldier he wants to be. A soldier. goes the basic army. Infantry course wins nine out of ten awards there including the leadership trophy which is the leadership. Trophy is awarded by the other students. Like the other students select. Who deserves this leadership trophy. Then he gets assigned as a ranger instructor and he starts. He starts in the mountain phase. And so today we're going to be reading so the first book that we covered we covered a little bit so he's written two books he's written. Three one was conquest to know where that one got rewritten. As the making of a soldier that was the bulk of what we read last time. This time we're gonna read from his second book primarily and it's just called soldier called soldier and lots of lessons learned but as i mentioned in the first podcast in two seventy three. There's some serious lessons learned about life and things get really crazy when he goes to vietnam as a battalion commander and we will get there all right so here we go go go to the book soldier written by anthony be herbert and he says this teaching young men the essentials of mountain climbing combat and survival was more of a learning experience for me than for them. I began discovering things about the resources in me as well as the way the army was moving. I was an

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