Retired Intelligence Detective Anthony Celano on His Time With the NYPD

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I have anthony solano on zoom call. So you'll be able to see it on youtube also if you'd rather if you wanna go see what he looks like and twenty two years with the nypd in a variety of different post like all of us. Did you gotta spend some time in uniform. You gotta spend a time. Some time was maybe a detective in a different unit. He spent a lot of time with working organized. Crime in new york city. So we're going to talk to him about his experiences. He also has written a couple of novels a crime novels since he's left the pd. So welcome county and thank you filing. It's good to have you let let's start talking about in a little bit about your overview of your career with the nypd. Okay to the police department actually occurred i was on a bus going to college is only about a twenty minute ride from the time you know. Twenty is all line years old. I didn't really know what i wanted to be until i show these two policemen come on On the bus and they happen to sit directly across from where i was sitting on the bus were on their way to go up because his the hand and three things stroke me about that is. The first thing was a on the bus with not having them. Hey i thought that was the second thing was they had these guns and i thought that was pretty impressive. Third thing that struck me was they were happy and the the cops were happy time which other ended up thinking that maybe that would be something. I could do the police tests. And i got appointed w later i can finally went on at least one in uniform. After a year. Until i i ended up as an anti-crime cop basically they will claim. Plain-clothes detail we would jump at. It actually gives make arrests stuff like that. So crimes being committed in progress them wanted to the organized crime. Control bureau a section Exhibition and i spent some time in. And i wanted to journalist. Repairs force was made up of the agency state troopers and the a

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