THUNDERBALL - Pre-Title Sequence Decoded


Sean connery and the gun. Barrel iraqi jet pack a fake funeral. James bond punching a woman bonds french connection cryptic latin inscriptions. That's on a chapel wall water cannons shooting the bad guys from the aston martin db five and of course a fight. These are some of the things will examine as we look into the pre title sequence in the one thousand nine hundred sixty five james bond. Movie thunderball hi. This is dan sylvestry. Tom izzo and spy movie navigator dot com. Please join us as we're cracking the code of the pre title sequence in thunderball. So let's go. We see for the first time in the gun barrel. It's not bob. Simmons the stunt guy. It's sean connery goldfinger. It's fun and from this point on. We are actually going to see bond in the pre title sequences in the gun barrel and not a stunt man one a concept they needed to change the clip here as the aspect ratio for thunderball change from the previous movie so they couldn't reuse the clip that they had from the prior movies. One thing we haven't mentioned yet in our pre title sequence podcast series the origins of the gun barrel. We have mentioned the prato secrets in the nineteen. Thirty four million chrome passion in an earlier podcast. But we haven't yet talked about the ending to the nineteen th remove eight the great train robbery which ends with a gunman pointing the gun. View and firing. Some people think stain also influenced the golden barrel sequences that these things were around decayed and decades before bond was even written. So that's kind of cool and it actually is and then when you hear about how it was made it sound like it might have been in the back. Somebody's mind but when morris bender put that together he was just playing around and said. Hey if i shoot through this gun. Barrel i can do this. Pretty cool stuff. We had mentioned the pre tuchel secrets in the nineteen thirty four movie crummy that passion in an earlier podcast. We've seen in the first three. James bond ian production movies two circles that cross the screen and by the way. I have always thought those were the double. Oh that's just my take on it. I don't know it looks like it should be the double o but you're in thunderball when the gun barrel ends the gun barrel finally more to the first seen in the pre title sequence it doesn't just fade out like it did in the other movies it actually shows us part of the first seen within the gun barrel. First time this has happened. So this is kinda neat. This is cool and a great addition to the series and the circle shows the initials here j. b. and as the camera pans backwards it shows. Jb's blazoned on a casket. What again for about twenty seconds. We must think this is james bond dead again. It's the fourth movie by anne productions and his dead again in the beginning they just love killing them off right at the beginning of the movie. Yeah we remember from russia with love. Of course it wasn't him. It turns out but wow i don't know this makes me queasy and i don't know what to do because bonds debt already and i'm thinking wait a minute. There's another twenty one movies. How can this be. We know that. Now we're back then back then you didn't know it so there are some advantage the being in the future but this makes me queasy. I got bonded out on. This makes me want to have a separate coffee. Because i gotta wake up here. 'cause bonds dead. I'm just too nervous. Hang on oh. Hey we find a delicious coffee for you. By the way i mean. This is spy coffees and you can find them at spy coffees dot com and our listeners. Get twenty percent off with roast. Like spymaster dark rose or double agent medium. Rose which. I'm drinking right now or agent blend light roast in whole being ground and even some k cups make clandestine trip to spy coffees dot com and use the spike code. Sh- spy nath espy y. n. Av and you'll get twenty percents off at checkout all right. let's get back. I think i'm awake. We see as a funerals ending in the small beautiful french chapel. James bond on this inside balcony speaking with a woman who turns out to be his french six connection. I'm pleased to create. Is a lighter setting for these pre title sequence. Of course last two films been set at night giving a dangerous about ding atmosphere. This one feels more normal more inviting the viewer into a lot lighter feeling except it's a funeral the funeral the funeral with j. b. on it was really for jacques pouvoir who was specter number. Six who bond reveals murdered two of his colleagues. Now i'm wondering what is james bond doing at jack. Bu vars funeral it makes me wonder why a healthy. Why is he there. Now we don't offer killed to double o. agents or colleagues. Perhaps from the cia or the french bureau. Those french contact who's credited as mademoiselle the port says at least you've been saved. Air filter removing passed away. And you sleep so they told me it comes out. The bond is disappointed. He didn't get the kelham himself to son disappointed. You didn't killing meal such move on murder two of my colleagues. So maybe i'm listening to this thing too and i'm thinking maybe the french contact just told us what bond is doing there. In france he was going to kill ovar and maybe move are found out in states. This whole thing or something. I don't know yeah. If this is but buddha's funeral it looks to me like somebody beat onto it. She says he may have died in his sleep. But given that this is somebody bond was going to be going after. I kinda doubt that somebody probably be to it.

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