Raiders make surprise pick in latest Mel Kiper Jr. mock draft

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Mock draft three point. Oh is available on. Espn plus right. Now and here. We go no surprise at the top. Trevor lawrence has been there and we'll be there for the moment and started to the moment. That pig is made. He's going jacksonville. And that's not going to change at number. Two mel projects the jets to stay put and select quarterback zach wilson who would be the team's highest drafted quarterback since they took joe nemeth thousand nine hundred sixty five at number three. We have a trade that panthers would move up from number eight to select justin fields from ohio state carolina getting its quarterback of the future miami. Picking up more prime picks. And the falcons make it four for four to begin the draft selecting their quarterback of the future trae lanes. Should it go this way. It would be the first time ever that quarterbacks go with each of the first four picks in the draft. We take a look at the rest of mel's top ten. After the four consecutive quarterbacks we see some other names you will get to know. Kyle pitch superstar tight end. More pass catchers jamarcus devante smith jail waddell notably absent on this screen. Max jones the fifth quarterback in this first round the star from alabama who mel projects. Going number fifteen to the new england patriots and let's start there because mel we spoke about this the last time you broke this down for us. You had max jones going considerably higher namely number eight overall. Why do you see this drop. Greenwich carolina eight with matt rule had max jones at the senior bowl practices where he was exceptional right. So you figure carolina's stuck at eight. They would look at mack. Jones new england and fifteen is built. Bellichik nick sabin connection and obviously looking at a quarterback to get back to. Maybe the tom brady days. Okay get your that type of quarterback which is what mack jones is his style and the way he goes about his business as a pocket passer so once carolina in my mach three point. Zero was moving up to get justin field. Mack jones next opportunity to come off. The board for me would be new england at fifteen.

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