Macklin WBZ Boston's news radio. Meanwhile, the state has postponed the spring and cast test coronavirus numbers in the Commonwealth continue heading in the right direction. Here's WBC's Carl Stevens slow but steady progress. That's what we see in the linens daily Covert update from the state Department of Public Health, especially when we look at some of the key metrics like hospitalizations. An active cases. Both are down. In fact, the number of virus patients in hospitals across the state is barely over 700 now at 716, the number of active cases more than 27,000 Sort of number we saw back in the fall, and there are nearly 1700 new confirmed cases in the seven day positivity rate is at 1.82%. There are 25 new confirmed covert related deaths. The lowest single day total that we've seen all year. Karl Steven stop BBC Boston's news radio. MAINE Governor Janet Mills loosens travel restrictions for residents of three new wing on states immediately. We're adding Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island

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