Personal Power with a Side of Popcorn



And i at seventy five. Made it to the front of the line. Ladies my sneeze the second vaccine from madeira. Knock me out. And i'm like i'm like the energizer bunny and i deci- of work to do when i was meeting with contractors to fix a house and all of a sudden i feel like rule and i slept for eighteen hours gun. What so sleep. It's an example of how importantly visited diana's exercise you know everybody knows that exercise is critical. Having physical activity and being engaged every day in some physical activity is critically important and also exercise where you try to get to the next level to try something a little bit more thing works on our ability to take on. Life's challenges may be. It's at work or maybe it's just challenges that have to do with life itself when we know we can do it in exercise it really gives us a subliminal confidence about doing it in other aspects of our lives and diet is simple. I mean you have a budget for food. We all eat more than we need to eat. And if we ate last but better quality food your diet than just falls into place. I mean everybody knows sugar socks and you don like everybody else. What's good and bad that we are past that lesson but eating better quality and less of an binding different patterns may be like intermittent fasting. Whatever it is sleep diet and exercise doesn't have to cost you a penny more than what you're spending and you can even save money if you do these things right and and you can start right away. You don't have to wait for a message from whatever guru you're paying to get In the right direction you can do it yourself today your buck. It's like a bible like a game changer. For me i was reading stuff that link that your dental health is so much part of your overall body health and things like there's so much in there that seems like revolutionary yet kind of common sense to your that just bringing it to light and going through those tips. Of course some things will be easier to achieve than others but feeling it's very inspiring in that way that you're just like oh yeah. We'll let me try to incorporate this. Yeah the idea is that it should be a handbook and for every part of your life. So if i'm seventy five. And i've been in business fifty three years. There's enough information that i've gathered that i can feel confident in the years of experience. I have and being around women all of that. Time that i've seen enough of this and and there's enough information that i wish i would have had going through. My twenties thirties forties fifties sixties. And i especially a recommend the book for twenties. You know when i turned twenty. My mother said happy birthday. Norma but it's all downhill from here. And i started crying because i thought i don't wanna be old like she is. I don't wanna go there and you know what every other twenty year old is thinking the same thing. I don't wanna be old. It's been mapping out. Why do i want to go down that path. This is so great. Well you are. You have to go down the path but if you know at twenty wants to come and you can read about it and you can think about. Well i'm i'm depressed beyond the limb A lot of i'm gonna date some I'm gonna relationships. That are not going to be what i expected and sacks is gonna be really fucked up in i'm gonna raise and other than that. The twenties a great i think. Also what's interesting about that is that there is this sort of big sister culture on social media now that i followed a lot of girls that are in their late twenties or thirties. And i'm twenty-one. I've followed them through their twenties and like into this into their thirties. And i'm seeing them struggle with all of the things that i will eventually meat and i think there is a little bit of guidance there with like normal influencers or people that are very relatable or authentic online. Yeah the more information you get the better. It is and sell a lot of the reason. I did the book was. I want this conversation to to be happening more so that there's more control over how you get to reach these decades. Where you you learn the lesson you evolve you get to the next decade. You need that experience but that that we are more intelligent about it. I mean it's about time that we we have were more in control of how that experience unfolds through that decade but every decade has as profound story and so fifty an on is just a completely different experience but not no less dynamic in its experience right no less and how you get through the twenties. How you get through thirty. Which is thirty. Fifty are huge right. So how you get to thirty kinda define how you deal with everything to fifty and then how you reinvent yourself at fifty define how you'll gat through for the rest of your life and helpfully not become invisible and be you know relevant and an active so these transitions are really really important. When i turned fifty a friend of mine said give me the best advice. He said you're at the top of the roller coaster. And all you can do is put your arms up and scream you kind of feel like that. you know. it's kind of like okay. I'm just going to go for it now. You you feel that. I guess it's aging with power so aging with our starts at twenty right it starts at it starts at birth because you're aging from the minute you of europe screaming i scream but at twenty. You really start realizing that you are you know you are an adult now and every experience your twenty s is the first time as an adult doing each of these things and then by fifty. You've done all required things you are supposed to do all the milestones up to fifty right. You a went school. You graduated from school. You got a job. Y-y-you married somebody got pregnant. You had two kids. You just did

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