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Welcome in to poke the bear episode 33. There's a danger Chara episode. Look at the timing the timing I was I was preparing the show and I always check I never know the time, you know this from editing bevilacqua who edits each episode for video knows that it always I always forget the number of episode it is and so today when I was writing down that in the notebook, I was going through looking back on 31 32, today's Thursday 3, so they don't charmix is returned to the Garden last night. We were recording this before it. So obviously, we don't know what happened maybe scored three goals. Maybe he put three goals in his own net. But like I said 33 Evan Mera Dost Ki Kanna Ryan of Boston Sports Journal. Now one thing we do know that will not but did not happen last night was there was no big Ovation 4 Chara off. Ovation that we all wanted him to see wanted him to get obviously not happening last night but but fans returning to the Garden March 23rd, so that'll be 12% capacity which I believe is just over two thousand people. It's not it's like a little over two thousand people getting that I guess the branches just moved to Texas and then you can have everybody there for the Ovation just for one thing. Everybody goes all the Bruins fans take them down to Texas. Boom. You get the whole rink. I guess you can scream and yell as much as you wanted a hundred percent capacity, but how excited are you do you think this is a good start this do you think it's a good idea that fans are returning one day off. I mean, I think it's a sign of the times that things are slowly getting back to normal right where you've got, you know more vaccines being rolled out more people what's do that or herd immunity the cases are dropping hospitalizations and debts or most importantly dropping quite a bit across the country. So I think it's a positive step and was always going to be the case right where you were expecting. In a situation where more fans would be let in the building as these cases drop that was I think always the hope of things for the NHL and for every, you know, pro sports team is to have more sandwich year goes on so I think it's definitely a step in the right direction two thousand fans seems very fair. I imagine if Case is continued to drop or you know, as more vaccines get rolled out. I'm sure that number would go up quite a bit. So by the time you get to main gym in the playoffs that you know, we could be looking at what 40% 50% maybe for the guy in which I think is a victory consider, you know? Yeah, how bout how miserable the last year's been. I mean, I'm excited to you know, see fans back in the garden so far, you know, it'd be one thing if this is a situation where you know, you got places like friggin, Texas or Arizona these places that are just going all out and going way to way too quick. But the fact that you're also seeing, you know, a team like New York where they're opening up dog. You know spots or Philly. I think it's just open up their Arenas now, so I think Boston is actually gonna be one of the last ones. I think Philly announced it just a few days ago. And I think they're eleven fans back in June 7th of March. So the Bruins are going to be a little bit, you know behind everyone else but again rather be safe than sorry. I mean, I think you got a situation was going to be more cases dropping by the time fans let in so long as long as it's safe, which I think you see in some of these other other stadiums where you've got people spread out quite a bit and go for it. Right? I mean, I think the the players are excited about it, even when the Bruins play the ranges and they get you know, booed and turf the entire time. It seems like they were just happy to have something that's not fake noise pumped into the stands, right? So I think it's definitely a a major step forward in terms of just think getting slowly back to normal again. I don't think it's going to be remotely what we're used to in terms of, you know us covering games or fans going to the stadiums. It's not going to be the same but as long You know this some semblance of normalcy as long as it's safe, which seems like the guided him preparing for quite a bit then I think it's nothing but good news when you just look at overall how the numbers are dropping quite a bit across the country. That's funny. You mentioned the fake crowd noise and it was it was I think in the Blues Sharks game where Bennington was punched. Everybody's going off the ice the Sharks guy. Yeah, the Sharks audio guy life jacked up the fake fan noise for when he hit dubnyk it was I who he was like whoa, and it was fun to hear and it makes you miss those times. I ultimately think that because you mentioned the Bruins Thursday late, I think that it'll only be a week or two at 12% a guarantee after a little while.

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