Why Keep Learning When What You Do Works?


So if you're already good at what you do. Why do you need to keep learning welcomed. Today's leadership thought of the day brought to you by the leadership lifestyle. podcast day. Three and disciplined three of the five disciplines of exponential growth is technique so he talked about strength. We talked about conditioning. But why should you keep learning if you what you've learned works in that is what's going to separate you from the crowd in third way that you're constantly learning new ways to do things in that doesn't have to be the technical part of your job. It could be how you do it how you collaborate with other people how you get the work done or how your team actually comes together in the things that you focus on together how you communicate What culture standards are you putting in place all of those things that learn new concept so continue always be a student continue to learn an indefinite learned from the people who are just a few steps ahead of us. Today's leadership thought of the

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