PayPal Opens Crypto Payments for Millions of Merchants


What's going on guys. It is tuesday march thirtieth and today we are talking about pay pal opening crypto payments for millions of merchants first up however. Let's do the brief i. On the brief today micro. Bitcoin futures are coming to the the. Cms has been in. The bitcoin futures game a long time in fact their launch of the bitcoin futures product almost perfectly timed the market top in two thousand seventeen however of course this product is relatively limited now to the people who can play with whole bitcoins at a time. This has gotten trickier as the price of. Bitcoin is nearly sixty thousand again today. This is announcing new contracts. Launching may third that are cash settled and sized at one tenth of one bitcoin. So why does this matter to me. Part of what makes bitcoin. Great is the democratization of participation that it enables buying. Bitcoin at spot is permission. Lists and what's more you can trade institutions. She's not in full bitcoin. This does remain one of the biggest misconceptions in one of the biggest reasons. New people to crypto. Find themselves turning away from. Bitcoin is not realizing that you can buy less than one. Full bitcoin that you can buy fractions of bitcoins. Regardless the 'financialisation of bitcoin could threaten democratization in many ways by only allowing much bigger players to play the game futures contracts that are smaller sized could one allow for a different category of investor to participate in bitcoin derivatives to to allow more diverse types of bats within that space and three reinforced. This notion so important. As i just mentioned that you don't have to buy a whole bitcoin. Now you also don't have to bet on the future of bitcoin with whole bitcoins

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