A highlight from EP61. The Age of Skinimalism


Murray are earn shelf. Fees dan to embrace the age of essentials. I'm joined today by my colleague. Anna green who is formula botanic. His membership site coordinator. I'm we both took a long hard. Look at our own shelties. When preparing for this podcast to see how we could bring the age of essentials into our bc habits. Welcome to the podcast anna hiring and thank you for having me so let's drive straight into the main question to the podcast. What do you think is essential when it comes to skin care. I think it's such an interesting question. Because the bt industry has been driven really heavily in the past especially but still now by continuously adding new changes a new products to their offerings so especially with already popular products and lines. There's just keep expanding and expanding it doesn't always coincide with a genuine need for product. It's very often driven by marketing. And what will sow so. The current circumstances around the world with coronavirus virus have led to a drop pin products being launched and some of the brands having to take a bit of a pivot and think about what is more essential and what people are actually going to use at the moment in this consensus that they're in the beauty industry especially skin care can be radi confusing to consumers to navigate. Different bronze will have different formulation. Ethos on say one brand may say that active ingredient may be bad for the skin. But then there's other browns or entirely built around that ingredient garcia that so true same as people have a hard time distinguishing between products that would genuinely benefit the skin and products. are nice to have or simply pleasurable to us and this is part because there are so many mixed marketing messages out there for people to design and partly because maze people outside the industry. Don't really spend a lot of time thinking about going to patches. They just sit if during shop or go online and thinking. I'm going to try this. Say some people would argue that. Skincare products and cosmetics cannot be cost as essential tool brady by space. They're awesome bray areas. For example sunscreens may fall under the category of cosmetics in some areas of the world but would be classed as drug sow swag and for many people would be caused as an essential product because of the function that says so what is essential will be incredibly individual reading. Yeah i completely agree. So you're basically saying that the might even be a mismatch between what people think they need and what they actually need. Yes absolutely i think. The market and the industry as driven by getting people to one things broth mock people actually need. I think there's room for base here in westbound discussed this little bit later. It doesn't have to be an either or it doesn't have to be rainy essentials. Or you have things that you enjoy that onto sensual but the market itself is driven by constantly expanding. What we feel is essential weather is not. Yeah i completely understand say you recently. Poll dot community during to ask them which skin kafue mutations they found descended show what would their results. Yes so. I run another big poll in our free skincare entrepreneur mazda my networking group on facebook and i wanted to ask people what is an essential skincare product. You didn't veer into make up. i didn't van to heck. How just focused on skincare just to try and keep it relatively simple and i had an incredible seven hundred eighty three responses from the people in the group which is huge so i gave them a list of suggested products and then allowed them to add their own as well and the results were fascinating.

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