Mario, Switch and Zelda: The Nintendo Story

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Wild wild tech and this show we explore. How technology affects our lives. An interesting thing that is happening at the moment obviously is it's a year since kind of lockdown started these tear in the uk and right alongside. That anniversary is the anniversary of animal. Crossing new horizons right. Like as we're recording this. Tomorrow i think is a year. Since lockdown started added a days ago is animal crossing came out and for me. Those two things is so inextricably linked that i i started playing on a crossing like as soon as it came out played every day for months and then i kind of drifted away from it but i went back for the story because i was like i wanna mark this moment and i immediately felt like brought back in time to the beginning of the pandemic said that kind of like classic video game nostalgia the get where you're like. I remember playing this the first time except with this game in particular. It's all tied to like. I remember playing this for hours. Because i was cited. My house and i couldn't leave such such a weird mix of feelings d. Do you get that with with games like that. Kind of weird style. Joe where you're brought right back to the moment. Yeah so i currently super into my my three ds which is an older nintendo system was the one just before the held just before the switch. And i'm playing a game. Called fire emblem awakening again and i used to play that on the subway. Pretty much you know on my way to work. It's like chess but more fun. Because the characters have great art depicting what they do at your pieces look like and they have relationships with each other and you know they tell jokes and fall in love and all this other stuff so it's kind of like a short book and a couple of moves of chess you know between subway stops and i'm playing it now for the first time in years because what like seven years old eight years old and i am a feeling like i'm back on the subway again is weird because i haven't been on mass transit in over a year and i feel like games are uniquely good at that because they engage so much of your mind that you just go right back to where you are when you first encountered like a game.

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