A highlight from Its March, but Gleyber Torres Is Already Building for October

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We just got done recording with gleyber torres. When the news broke that aaron boone yankees manager is taking an immediate medical leave of absence to receive a pacemaker Surgery to be performed later today today being wednesday at saint joseph's hospital in tampa See i know. Obviously aaron was your teammate and as well as your manager and and We love him He's been great to the pod as well and and and he's just such a good guy and you know the first and foremost Just well wishes to aaron on hopefully a smooth speedy successful recovery surgery So that he can get back doing what he loves without any worries and healthier and stronger than ever man. your man. i'm just thinking about his family You know his wife laura and his kids. Obviously we have a great relationship with him and his family and even his brother and his dad. I mean i've been. I've been known for a long time. So yeah. I mean it's definitely gonna be praying for him and and and and his family members and Yeah i mean but you know me and building talked about this off season and think it was something that he kind of knew that was you know creeping up on him so You know. I'm just glad that he was able to get out in front of it in that. He's aware of everything. And like you know thinking about these things in in thinking about his health and was able to catch this And be able to get a pacemaker. Ram before anything got to syria. So non. i'm just. I'm glad that they were able to catch this. And and that he you know got the attention that he needed the medical attention that he needed but definitely going to be praying for him in his family for sure going forward and you know what it's like. See you've been through the heart stuff you know and then you know you know how serious and scary it can be taken care of when he feels something. Yeah absolutely and and like. I said i mean i've i've dealt with the hard stuff he's dealt with heart stuff before to So he's well aware of a high supposed to feel and staying on top of those things. So yeah i mean like he said you know the end of this in the statement if you feel anything in in your heart if you had harsh issues or you feel like you you're having heart issues please. Don't get it checked out because nothing to play with shore amen amen. Well sad and best wishes and prayers go to aaron and his family. We hope for a speedy recovery for the yankees manager. We wanted to start our to see to with those thoughts

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