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Arthuis's see to another week bro. I'm a little disappointed myself. Because i had my special new art to mug. It's like it's are to d- two but it just says like our two on it so perfect this yet and i had it and and then i actually put in the dishwasher. So i don't have it now but i was. I was ready to hold it up and say broke because you always. You always got like little artsy to shit. And she won't give me so. I was hoping that it fucking broke. Actually if you can have it no one should understood. Thousands drove me right there. I it's still crazy to me. That i didn't know and even the whole group like didn't definitively know that you were an only child until like a year ago member when all of a sudden in a way but i do act like one a lot of ways but it comes to our to see to merchandise. They do accident yes we actually should probably get some new. Rtc to merch murchio with the wringer going going for people manse spotify. Now we're like six months or however many months and we are the movie masks or something unusual xactly gotta like and ninety five it. Did you see i. I saw this. This i saw michael rapaport and then also This economists who. I love ian bremmer posts like this thing from. Abc news or something. Where they they said like double mask. Seventy five percent efficiency triple mask ninety percent of vicious. It's like what are we doing here. You know like. I mean over this last thirteen months in crazy but oh my gosh i know well i mean look i wear a mask and i'm all for mass everywhere i go like. I don't know if i can put four on before. I leave the house every time i get ninety five in now you start your record. By the way. Didn't we was eight meridiana. Yeah what i. I just i just started it like. I started it. But i was like a hair late and then sadie asked me to ask you because she asked me and then asked me to ask you so on the air. There's behind behind podcast behind radio. It anyway what were you just going to say though because they interrupted with seem like it was going to be an interesting or funny thought. Fuck i forgot. What are we talking about masks talking about where mass i'm just i'm i'm in and ninety five mode man wherever i go now. Minute and ninety five Our my all the time everywhere to oh say Of talking about being tired of the last thirteen months. But i mean you know it could be worse. You know what. I'm saying like healthy and all that stuff and but you've been canceling things and you know what i'm saying. People can complain on every level. You know what. I'm saying but people have been missing out on so much shit. It's just been she's been crazy man. It's a crazy time. Do what even think about like you know. I had to cancel my wedding twice right. Like that's awful like that that that you know that obviously is not something anybody wants to go through. But then it's like okay. How about people who just in the event world. how about. If you're a senior in high school. I knew missed like you know your your senior year of baseball bass. Whatever or your approriately bag college like things that you can't make up in any way really you can't do and then it's like okay. Those events those are life moments. Those are big deals are the things you don't wanna miss but then how about if you like had someone who you know actually you know this virus you know so i agree man. It's like if you're healthy. You know healthy and also like employed in so many people right now struggling in that regard even if they're healthy like who've lost their jobs. It's like you're right. There's always like the perspective of everybody's been affected in some way. But oh my gosh could be worse. Yeah for sure. I always picking things like that. I always think of like how much worse it could be like that. I don't know why but it is what it is. Yeah man no hunt. Hopefully we're getting there. I'm like you'll get that vaccine. I want that vaccine now as soon as i home. Yeah right away. That's what everybody keep asking you taking a vaccine. Fuck exactly do i want to do. Basically these are like you know. Measles level effective vaccines. Do i want to go back to normal life. What i do. I want to avoid the virus. Yes yes. do you ever think that you're getting on a plane now without wearing a mass no i was thinking that actually i was like what i always gonna wear a mask on a plane from now on long after you know what i was about to say. Okay i the mask effect for me you know. I'm not like such a people person. You know what i'm saying. You know. I am like being in front of people with the mask on. People can't read my face. Like how disgusted. I am talking to him. I liked the mask so like iverson looking at people like face

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