A highlight from 474 - Cabeza De Vaca - Part 1


I dave anthony redistributed from american history to my friend gareth reynolds who has no idea what the topic is going to be about someone. Just come in the room behind me. Yeah there's a person with a sword. That no jesus. Wouldn't that be amazing. If you saw me killed on zoom what a fucking great bit. You have The way that you're you're thinking is so crazy it's your life and the first thing you think is i'm gonna get a couple of minutes out of it for stand up after after the ptsd chocolate whereas off and then like in like five years people be like can you tell the story of a friend of mine had got murdered with a sword while i was zooming with them. Guys a covid was crazy. My friend was the my guy came into the room and according to podcasts. My friend who put a sword through his throat and he died immediately. And it's very hard thing to witness. And then i ended the meeting for all what. What's the premise. The bit though you got have like. Hey you want to hear about the craziest thing i've ever seen in my life. Yeah a friend of mine was soared. Killed zoom call. I was on it with them. And then i muted audio just end. It was super specific. Zoom things like that. I think i'll make that's my background. So i did the clapham oji just found out you can do all the folk is jam. Patch fucking guy named gary for five and this is not gonna come to early clock part could now hit him with the puppy present. Sick arguments about action can't be found gareth. We have a tour coming up we are. We've announced australia in october. Tickets tickets on sale for australia. Time the patriots tickets will be on sale but the regular tickets regular. They go on sale wednesday morning at eleven. Am and wednesday will be the first or the second. Oh god march march is just a nightmare that whoever made calendars and leap years and deaths. You're still just the i. It is thirty first okay. i'm wrong. It's not a nightmare. It's probably always the same pretty singer the other one the other month february whichever jer released the one. That does the thing yeah. February february is a nightmare in every level. The fed also the way. It's like we've got a little are in the middle. It's february just. The scooby doo would say a month february. It's really awful. I just read that. There was some actor. That was offered a part. In a scooby doo movie and when he found out scrappy do is going to be in it. He turned it down. And that say hey say integrity is dead in hollywood right here. That's something like that. That guy's fucking amazing. I can't remember his name. Scrappy do is the worst. Discovery is a criminal. Just the whole idea of it as a child and i enjoyed scrappy. Absolutely not absolutely never done ever. Don't ever say stuff like that to me. I know it's ross. Said man wrong. I had an amazing argument with my mother this morning about that. There was never a shakey's pizza in wisconsin. She gets there was shakey's and i'm like there was not i was like it's a california thing. All this i looked up and there was shit. Schick was nationwide shaky said five hundred stores at the shakiest business. I guess shaky so it had to go. What do you expect. We're close in a bunch of a shaky. We're not good at this but we are announcing a nationwide shake out. It's shakeout finally happening. Gareth we are brought to you in part by calipers c. b d. Look i'm a cbd user. I it calms me. Down feel less stressful. I sleep better. I do the whole idea the whole jam. I use Use cbd throughout the day this past january colorado state university published their first peer reviewed. Study to compare how different cd products on the market absorbed and processed by the body and calpers. Cbd was found to deliver thirty than cb oil in the first thirty minutes. Told you told you. Gary v feels the big. Turn it right in your face. I don't need that. It gives you all the benefits of ed and just ten minutes oils can take up to two hours to fully absorb your body's mostly water or water. Don't mix you get the point. Scalper cd powder completely tasteless mixes easily with food and drinks. I put it in my drinks. And a pack it in i just cramming in my bod.

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