Big changes coming to Google Maps

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Do you ever find yourself loss at the airport. Mall thinking you're headed toward the right gate or store only to find found out you've been walking in the wrong direction Yeah i have had that happen to not recently. Because i haven't gotten any malls and airports but as we life begins open up some new features come to google. Maps may help you find your way absolutely just in time for things to start opening up. Google maps has alive you feature. That's already available for outdoor locations and what it does is it takes billions of street view images. And it used that to figure out where you're located in where you're situated to help you figure out which way you need to go. So they're making an indoor version of this and it will work the same way so for example. If you're at the airport in your loss live view will guide you to where you need to go so if you need to get to this other gate. It might point to an escalator or elevator to take that down or up a floor. it has signs or arrows. And it's all in a are. You're looking through your phone. And it'll point you to the right direction. The features currently available for some malls right now in several cities including chicago l. a. and seattle and google says is expected to roll out to more city soon. So not only. Is there more cities. There's other features that's come into google maps to right. Yeah they're adding several new things that people can look forward to in maps. A one of them is. You can see updates on weather and air quality at a destination. So if you're traveling to another city and you want to figure out what the weather might be like guy even get a detailed look at what to expect. Also they're gonna put more emphasis on eco friendly route. So what happens is plug in a place. You want to go and you get directions. We'll be presented with a default that boasts loris below est carbon footprint. And it's supposed to take just as long to get there as it would if you took the fastest route so there's that as well And then also soon you'll be able to schedule curbside pickup of groceries and maps.

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