First jurors selected for George Floyd murder trial


Minneapolis Minneapolis police police officer officer charged. charged. In In George George Floyd's Floyd's death, death, a a Minneapolis Minneapolis court court moved moved forward forward with with seating seating jurors jurors and and Derrick Derrick Show Show Vin's murder trial as attorneys raised concerns about some candidates already having knowledge of the case were humans, you know? And she, he said Henry, he was on top of him. Hennepin County District Judge Peter Cahill allowed several jurors to be struck, including one with martial arts experience. Yes, for the record, The defense has made his preparatory challenge now in its second person of color in the jury pool, his statements that he would be willing to Re examine the evidence struck me as insincere. Michael George CBS NEWS Minneapolis. Three members for the jury have been selected as of yesterday. Day. Two in jury selection begins later this morning in Minneapolis. ST Patrick's Day is one week from today. But Boston Mayor

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