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The german foreign minister makes a speech regarding relations with the united states. The leader of the brazilian left gets his criminal. Charges dropped and to roma in the royal family. This is the world largest our politics one thousand and one thank you for tuning into this episode of the world at large. This show is free for everyone and to keep it that way. Consider supporting us through the link. Our description you can support us by leaving a review subscribing and sharing with a friend as well now without further ado please enjoyed this episode of our podcast. Hello everybody welcome to another episode of the row. That large. And you know what i like. More than royal drama. What speeches in germany These host nineteen forty five. Yeah that's fair okay. let's get into it Slow we guys because we have a speech that would on germany as he in describing this was by foreign minister heiko maas and this was pretty big speech and it was done by the brookings institute i believe was like they were like channel through which speech was given and it was very interesting talked about relations between the united states in germany. And some things that are going on two different things. That are important that we're gonna be talking about from the speech in terms of these relations at so the first thing that we're talking about is that germany heiko maas said that germany is once again willing to work closer with united states regarding foreign policy and more specifically sanctions. So i guess something happened in the past few months. That may germany say that. I don't know what it was. I can't leave my finger on but something just like you know what it claims now. Now the united states seems desirable. Now we can start to work together on foreign policy. Oh silly me. I remember now. There is an election In the i know administrations in the united states change in president biden replaced president trump. I hope you guys know that when it was mentioned so it was mentioned by heiko maas that under trump who was much more difficult to work together on foreign policy. Decisions maas argued for example that it was extremely difficult to coordinate with trump in terms of sanctions and policy with russia. In what have you so he said this quote. I hope that we will be able to return to a common transatlantic position on targeted sanctions. Something that was not possible over the last four years so obviously mosses. He seems pretty. Happy to have biden. Empower I just there's something about trump he just do like And i might name a few of those things now. Because under trump there a lot of pressure be placed on germany. Because there are things the biggest thing of course was the nato requirement. I'm so every single country in the defensive alliance is required to spend about two percent of their gdp in an contribute that to nato spending in germany would not meet that mark most countries in nato actually meet that marked only like poland sweden. I think some some random countries in the eu or or in europe rather that. We're doing it not that. Those countries are random. I'm just saying gotta say the was giving me the eye. They're not. I'm just saying of the millions of countries in the eu those delicious meal. I'm just saying those are the two that that happened to me. The spending there are a few others like the baltic states. I think so you know. Some people contribute but the important part was that germany was not in germany. They got that economy. They got a large bustling economy. Insult got up. The two percent means a lot more latvia. Your cute and but if you spend two percent. gdp

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