Was Trump's Vaccine Decision a Mistake?


So I want to address what Tony said, Tony has said, and I'm posing it to you listeners if you want to call in and disagree with Tony. Tony said his hypocritical for us to be so upset about the vaccine and the vaccine injuries and all that stuff. And that Donald Trump, through operation warp speed, takes responsibility for developing the vaccine. Now, my disagreement with Tony is simple. It's that Trump didn't mandate the vaccine. That's the problem. Like if people wanted to voluntarily take a vaccine that was experimental and with knowing that it may have some issues with it and they wanted to take it anyway, then that's on you. That's just like any other vaccine. But the mandating of an experimental vaccine is a problem. And I said it this way, I believe Trump was acting a good faith putting together a team to get people vaccinated because Trump believes in vaccines.

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