Steven Moore Discusses the So-Called 'Inflation Reduction Act'


Now is Steve Moore from the committee to unleash prosperity. Steve, this bill that the Senate passed over the weekend. It's hard to even know where to start with this. I'll just kind of give you the floor is yours. What are the big points that people need to know about this increases taxes, the green energy aspect of it increased the IRS. Let's start with the climate change part of it. Where on earth is all that money going to go to quote unquote fight climate change? Well, great to be with you, Charlie. You're right. You and I could probably talk for two hours about this is truly a dreadful Bill. 800 pages long. And I can't think of one good thing in this bill. Truly. I mean, I've read through, not the whole thing, but I've read through most of it. And it is basically just a massive increase in the size and scope of government and the invasiveness of government. And that's essentially the John Doe. I want to make one point right from the start, Charlie. If you count the $1.9 trillion Biden spent in his first months in office, remember that was the blue state bailout bill. And then that fraudulent $1.1 trillion so called infrastructure Bill, which was really the green energy bill. And then remember two or three weeks ago, they passed a massive corporate welfare Bill. That was roughly $200 billion. This one has a price tag of somewhere near. We don't know exactly somewhere 607 100 billion. That's $4 trillion. I mean, can you believe this? They're talking now, the left is talking about, oh my gosh, Joe Biden's like the next FDR. Well, if running up record amounts of debt, records amounts of red ink and deficits and record amounts of inflation, then he has been a quote productive president, but I've never seen anything like this in my 35 years. This will bankrupt our country. And let's just pray that we can stop this now. I'm not confident, but maybe there are maybe four or 5 or 6 fiscally conscientious Democrats left that might finally stay, hey, three and a half $1 trillion enough. We don't need another 700 billion.

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