Comic-Con returns in full force with costumes, crowds


The pop culture extravaganza in San Diego Comic-Con International is back after a two year hiatus The pandemic forced Comic-Con to go virtual Fully costumed David Werner says it's nice to be back This was a tradition I had and then I brought my wife on our first date Two common cons So it's a very special thing for us And as soon as my son's old enough I'm bringing him in as well As required a Comic-Con nearly all wore masks the protective kind not the supervillain kind ariella lander off is okay with that I would say a tiny bit of meat up nervous As everyone is all the time but I mean they're really good about making sure everyone has their proper identification People like Valerie Lawton feel they fit in at Comic-Con You're in line in somebody's talking about Pokémon and when you're in real life you're the lonely person talking about Pokémon So it's just nice to feel like everybody around you is just an invested as you are People were dressed as Star Wars stormtroopers The Mandalorian even Chucky from child's play emerged from one cosplayer stomach I'm Ed

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