FBI Delivers Subpoenas to Several Pa. Republican Lawmakers


That the FBI has been paying multiple visits to Republicans in the Pennsylvania House and Senate looking for information on congressman Perry also subpoenaing them as well trying to get information Essentially what the FBI is trying to do with the Biden administration is trying to do is criminalize free speech criminalize the ability to raise questions about an election If you're an anti Pelosi you can tweet that the election was hijacked You can say the Russians did it this that and the other but don't you dare dare question an election if you are a Republican apparently the First Amendment does not apply to you just like it didn't during COVID when you had rioters had the ability to go burn down cities burned down businesses with Sienna and fiery but peaceful in the background everything on fire lying to us then as they do now and as they always do They had that's not a freshman remnant to burn down cities We know that But they could exercise whatever they were exercising But you can go to church You had to stay in your homes this that and the other So we already know that basically there is no equal application of anything in today's America no equal application of the law no equal application of the ability to exercise your First Amendment rights And then if they don't like what you say they also just trying to change the language change the narrative

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