Eric Welcomes Jerome Corsi to the Show


Sitting here with me, Jerome corsi. If you listen to this program, you remember that we've had Jerome corsi on this program in the past. I hardly know where to begin. So I will simply say, welcome back. A great pleasure to be back with you, Eric. Thank you. I look, I want my audience to understand what we're dealing with here. So first of all, you have written many, many big bestselling books to New York Times number one bestsellers. You were the reason you were on this program the last time, you were grievously persecuted through the Mueller investigation. They put you through hell, we talked about that when you were on the program last time. We're living in dark times. What happened the other day in Mar-a-Lago is just the latest example of it. So I want to talk to you about your new book. But give us an update on everything that has happened. I mean, there's so much evil every day, every week, every month that you can't remember what happened a year ago, what happened two years ago. I mean, the Mueller investigation, I forgot about that because so much else has happened. Well, first of all, it's a great pleasure to be back with you. When I was here last, I thought I was going to prison. And it was your shows. I think made a huge impact. And I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I'm astonished in thrilled and thankful to God that that might be the case. Well, I think my faith got me through and I deeply appreciate your program. We need more Christian programming. My faith was really the bedrock of what I would not lie to give the mule or people what they wanted to keep Trump out of prison. And they wanted me basically to affirm the Russian collusion theory, which I knew to be nonsense and did not have a part in. I thought had ties to Julian Assange. It goes on and on. I wrote a book about it, silent, no more. So

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