The Left's Criminalization of Political Differences


Want to talk today about the left strategy and dealing with Republicans and strategy that is focused on Trump, but I would argue in the end it's not just about Trump and to some degree it's not about Trump at all. So here is an article in The New York Times. Just from a day or so ago, it talks about 6 separate investigations into Trump. And let's look at what those are. There is the New York State investigation, and this is the New York attorney general letitia James who had campaigned. I'm going to investigate Trump. I'm going to go, I'll find something on him. So there's that investigation going on. There's the Manhattan DA's office investigation. That's not going too far. But that's the investigation that focuses on the Trump organization. That's led by the Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg. That's number two. Number three, there is the, there's the congressional investigation, of course, though, the forefront of this is the January 6th committee. So that's investigation number three. The congressional investigation more broadly and then the January 6th committee, which is number four, I guess. And then we have the newest investigations, including the investigation for about the Mar-a-Lago classified documents. So here we've got the kind of multiplicity of investigations and all of it seems like overkill. But the reason it's not overkill is that with none of these does the left really have the goods. They're fishing, yes. But what are they trying to accomplish with all this? The criminalization, if you will, of political differences. Well, what they're trying to accomplish is they're trying to create veto power over Trump. They're trying to say to Republicans basically listen. We, the Democrats get to say, we don't get to say who your nominee is in 2024. But we do get to say who it's not.

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