Top Agent Who Suppressed Hunter Biden Laptop Escorted From the FBI


A very interesting development at the FBI, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, whose implications are not entirely clear yet, but a senior FBI agent. This is a guy named Tim tybalt, DHI BAU Tim tablet. Has been escorted out of FBI headquarters. And apparently is being either removed, fired, maybe asked to resign or maybe submitted his own resignation. I mean, there's a little bit of a shading as to which of those options it is, but what is not being shaded is that this guy is out of the FBI building. This was by the way the story was broken by the reporter John Solomon, and then picked up and further reported by many others, including the Washington times. And evidently, this guy Tim tybalt is the guy who suppressed the Hunter Biden story. Now he didn't suppress it all by himself, but he was one of the key figures in blocking the Hunter Biden story from getting out prior to the 2020 election. So let's think about that. This is the FBI actively involved in election interference and in suppressing damaging information against Biden. Now, there are several elements to this story. We know recently Mark Zuckerberg, by the way, the founder of Facebook, now called meta Mark Zuckerberg went on Joe Rogan's show and he said it was the FBI that pressured Facebook. Not to highlight the Hunter Biden story to downplay it, to repress it, and Zuckerberg says we didn't shut it down completely, but we did give it less traction. We did sort of pull it back. And think about it. It's the FBI, the FBI, the supposedly neutral police agency of the government that is now working with these social media platforms, not to fight misinformation, but to fight accurate information that would have been damaging to the Democrats. So the FBI seems to be now a little bit like the KGB kind of a fully owned police arm of the Democratic Party.

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