Charlie Welcomes Dave Bahnsen to Discuss the 'Inflation Reduction Act'


Inflation reduction act, the hiring of 87,000 new IRS agents, it didn't really get a lot of coverage. Joe Biden signed it into law yesterday. With us right now is someone who I really respect, and he's an expert of all things economics. David bonson is the founder and partner and chief investment officer of the bonson group and author of the book. There's no free lunch 250 economic truths and he just launched a free online video series economics one O one at von San dot com. Dave, welcome back to the Charlie Kirk show. Thanks for having me, Charlie. So Dave, tell us about the inflation reduction act. Will it reduce inflation or is this another orwellian curveball thrown by our politicians? Yeah, it's a good thing the bill doesn't have anything about false advertising because this is really as Bernie Sanders said. Absurd to call it an inflation reduction act. I'm not one who thinks there's a whole lot it's going to be doing to make the inflation worse because it really almost does nothing at all except for ad IRS agents. It's much more of an orwellian bill than it is economic. Even the climate issues, there is about 304 100 billion of corporate welfare to green energy companies, but Manchin to get his vote also agreed for more permanent approvals for oil and gas companies. So even the greenies in the Democratic Party proved to be a cheap date. It's really a disaster of a bill and the IRS agent issue is the primary thing stayed in it.

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