Kevin McCullough Takes on Joe Biden's Whacky Speech


I warned you who we had in our one today. In our two, we have rabbi Jonathan Khan. He's scary in a different way. But my guest right now, Kevin McCullough, some of you know him and fear him as both is my guest right now. Kevin welcome. Hey, Eric, I'm not half as scary as that crazy person standing in front of independence hall last Thursday. Pounding the podium like this from him. That's in the middle of World War II. That's kind of the point. It's why I wanted to have you on here because you wrote a piece of town hall. People can read it. I hope they'll read it at town hall. Dot com. But what we saw the other day is really sickening, frightening, disturbing, confusing. In some ways funny because it's so insane, but I want to process this where we are. And so when I saw your piece, I thought I've got to get you on the program. So in a nutshell, what did you make of his preposterous sickening performance? And I'm not trying to tell you what I think of it by calling it the posture. I think those are anodyne neutral terms. Well, first, and this is you won't find this remarkable, but I do, in my own experience, as a consumer of the day to today governmental political intersection, trying to watch it, I have become rather amazed at how unencumbered I am with the actions of this president. He's become literally so insignificant that most people forget that he has a speech planned or this type of thing. I didn't even know until after the speech that there were 6 major networks that didn't even carry it. It was mostly just the NBC properties that did. But here's the thing. So I didn't see it until after it had passed. I watched it about ten 30 11 o'clock that same evening. And when I did Eric, I thought this is the lowest low point of presidential speech making in the modern era and maybe in the history of the nation. And we

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