AP EXPLAINER: Should you get a new COVID booster? If so, when?


Should you get an updated coronavirus booster Within days Americans will be offered the new bivalent boosters that target both the original coronavirus and today's dominant omicron strains and BA 5 The Pfizer shots are for anyone 12 and older while Moderna's version is for those 18 and up For most people the FDA recommends waiting at least two months after your last booster or COVID-19 infection while CDC experts say it's better to wait three months or as long as 6 months if you're not at high risk CDC adviser doctor Sarah long says that if you wait a little more you get a better immunologic response Another reason to wait a few months is to reduce the risk of heart inflammation a rare vaccine side effect The CDC notes that most Americans eligible for an updated booster have already gone at least 6 months since their last shot I'm Jennifer King

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